Mac Black

Author of the Derek Series including ‘Please… Call Me Derek,’ Mac has his own website In his own words – “I think of myself as one of the few authors included in this book lacking a suntan, which is only to be expected of someone still based in Bonnie Scotland. As a resident of the town of Cupar in Fife, I live with my wife who complains that I am always ‘playing’ on the computer: obviously untrue, I tell her – a few of my books are out there about a character called ‘Derek’ – but she is not convinced…

Having discovered the pleasure of writing only a few years ago, when I retired, the natural style for me has been humorous fiction. A simple fellow, writing simple stories, hopefully that bring a gentle smile, or on a very good day, a real laugh to the reader.

This tale, written specially for a worthy cause, is fiction, but based on a true moment in my own life – a vague memory from a time long, long, ago…” p59


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